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“A Space for the Heart and Mind”

Sherezade Ruano

Stress Reduction Expert in Cardiology and Mental Health.
Founder of RhythmiaBreath Method, RBTherapy Virtual Clinic.
C-Suite Executive Therapist. 
Functional & Integrative Psychiatry Fellow (PRCFMP)


About me

Combining Cardiology and Mental Health

Thank you for visiting my page.

I appreciate your interest in learning about my work.

As a Therapist, Founder and Entrepreneur, I am deeply passionate about what I do. This profound appreciation for my profession and mission is what I refer to as my Ikigai.


Sherezade RuanoFounder, Therapist

Through years of dedicated service in the National Health Service (NHS) as an Arrhythmia Specialist Clinical Nurse, and enriched by international experience in the private sector, I’ve cultivated invaluable personal and professional skills. This journey has led me to collaborate with highly esteemed medical professionals, and I am keen to share these insights with all my patients.


Currently, I proudly manage my private practice, with a flagship clinic in central London, UK, and an international virtual clinic. In these spaces, I collaborate with some of the world’s most acclaimed Consultant Cardiologists, Psychiatrists, General Practitioners, Psychotherapists, and Behavioral Medicine Specialists.


The Art of bridging Modern Medicine and Holistic Practices

Sherezade’s unique approach to health and disease seamlessly integrates modern medicine with holistic practices, focusing on the prevention and rehabilitation of chronic conditions, particularly cardiometabolic diseases and their associated risk factors.

Pioneering in its approach, RhythmiaBreath method is one of the first in the UK to demonstrate successful medical outcomes in critical areas such as Preventive Cardiology, Cardiac Rehabilitation, and Mental Health conditions.

With a profound dedication to mental well-being and a comprehensive understanding of the effects of stress and trauma on the human psyche, Sherezade has broadened her expertise beyond traditional medicine, becoming a therapist and executive leadership coach. Collaborating closely with a team of experts in Cardiology, Respiratory Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Mental Health, Sherezade is committed to providing the highest level of care embracing the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of a person.


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Flexible modalities: In-Clinic Consultations or Virtual Appointments

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In her professional journey, Sherezade has had the privilege of forming deep connections with hundreds of people, navigating the complexities of severe anxiety, depression, and overcoming challenges such as cardiac arrest, heart attacks, and heart transplants.

Her broad expertise encompasses a variety of fields, including working with individuals grappling with severe addictions, those navigating narcissistic and toxic relationships, individuals experiencing severe work-related burnout, and providing counseling for life-threatening conditions.

Sherezade’s practice is enriched with a blend of wisdom, expertise, and heartfelt compassion, evident in her ability to speak to each individual’s heart and understand their mind.

International Clinics
Years Experience
In-Hospital sessions
Personalised Approach

About RhythmiaBreath Method:

Mental Health

Stress and Anxiety Management, Nervous System Regulation, Breathwork, PolyvagalTheory, Somatic Therapy.


Neurocardiology, Counselling post -intervention, Preventive Cardiology, Cardiac Rehabilitation.


Leadership, Coaching

Counselling, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Burnt Out, Evaluation of Behaviours, Personality Profiling.

RhythmiaBreath Blog

Blog Posts: Lifestyle, Emotional intelligence, Stress Management, Leadership and Mental Health.


In this blog post, you will discover educational information about various topics discussed in my clinic and reflecting my personal interests.

Each of these posts has been meticulously crafted and grounded in real-life case studies. One of my aims in writing articles is to provide exclusive content for patients and readers, keeping them informed about my practice, experiences, and a broad spectrum of subjects.

This gallery and blog will feature content on therapy, lifestyle, medicine, mental health, coaching, behavioral finance, and, indeed, matters of the heart and mind.

“Sherezade is known in our team as the go-to person when one needs a dose of kindness and humour. Her profound empathy and excellent knowledge in her field attract the curiosity of patients, who choose to see her as their first choice for their follow-up in the clinic.”

Dr Lee M

Dr Med in Cardiology. Zurich

“I had the pleasure to meet Sherezade during the COVID pandemic at one of the largest hospitals in the UK. Her versatility has few limits. It comes from a place of authenticity, compassion and charisma. Her words and kindness helped many patients and staff members during such challenging times.”

UCI RN, Louise Demford


Sherezade was one of the professionals involved in my care following my ICD implant. Her compassion and knowledge reassured me and allowed me to see my new condition as something I could live with. I wish Shere all the success in the world.

Barbara Kaye